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Loren B. Eskenazi, MD
Dr Loren Eskenazi Dr. Eskenazi is a board certified Plastic Surgeon and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Eskenazi completed her bachelor's degree with honors (Summa cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa) at the University of Pennsylvania. She did her medical school training at Stanford. She has also undergone additional fellowship training in breast surgery after completing her residency in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery at Stanford.

Prior to medical school Dr. Eskenazi had many years of fine arts training at Rhode Island School of Design and the Art Student's league in New York. She Also has had training in various mind-body techniques include biofeedback, several types of bodywork, meditation and visualization techniques and ritual.

She has published numerous chapters and papers in the scientific and lay press. She has appeared on CNN, Dr. Dean Edell, Rosanne show, The Learning and Discovery Channels, and is quoted in Cosmopolitan, Wired, The Economist, Allure and many other magazines.

Special interests of Dr. Eskenazi include cross-cultural aspects of body art and cosmetic surgery. She has lectured at Stanford on this topic and psychospiritual aspects of healing. Sheis currently doing a research study on using prayer and visualization and ritual healing for women undergoing breast cancer surgery.

She is also interested in high-tech aspects of medicine. She did a pioneering study on breast shape and implant design using 3-D scanning (Cyberware as used in Terminator and Jurassic Park). Currently she is collaborating on creating a virtual reality environment for pain control and healing during surgery. She will be speaking at Siggraph this year.

Dr. Eskenazi co-founded the Women's Committee of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. She has been on over 10 trips to foreign countries where she has done free surgery on children in need. She is the founding partner in this very unique woman's cosmetic and reconstructive surgical practice in San Francisco.

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